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Richard Malzahn


A PICTURE IS WORTH a thousand words, so they say.  I don't know who said that, but it seems to be true.  There are some beautiful places in this part of the world we call the Pacific Northwest.  Now that I live here I see them every day.  I tell people what I've seen and do my best to describe the colors and the textures but I never feel I can do it justice, even when I use more than a thousand words.  Photography is the way I can best share the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with others.


I spent 25 years working in Los Angeles in the motion picture business.  I had the opportunity to walk away and so I did, although I still work remotely.  The movie business is a good gig and I have always enjoyed it.  It also instilled in me the power and beauty of the photographic image.  There is a reason movie screens are so big.  The impact is huge.  These panoramic photos are printed huge. On aluminum panels.  Up to 96" wide. To help give that same sort of huge impact on your wall.


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